05 May, 2024

Fascinating Facts About Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Kids living in Australia deserve to learn about this ancient country and the cultures of First Nations people. Some evidence indicates that the First Nations people have been the oldest surviving culture of the continent for the last 60,000 years. Australia has a very rich history when it comes to indigenous culture. It dates back tens of thousands of years and progresses over hundreds of generations. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been able to maintain very robust connections to their traditional lands, culture and language. They see the world in a spiritual way that is unique to their community. Learning about them and their culture is important for Australian people, especially the kids. Here are some fascinating facts about aboriginal & torres strait islanders.

1. Indigenous Culture can be Found Everywhere

In spite of the outdated representations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Indigenous culture is everywhere. It has a significant impact on the way people today. About 30 - 35 per cent of Indigenous Australians live in the cities. About 44 per cent of the stay in the regional towns. Just 21 per cent of them reside in the remote areas. These figures highlight that cultural awareness applies to everyone, irrespective of where people live. Many individuals assume that the majority of Aboriginal communities can be found in the more remote areas. In reality, most First Nations people stay in Eastern Australia. About one-third of their population lives in New South Wales. However, around 30% of individuals in the Northern Territory are identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

2. Stories are an Integral Part of Indigenous Culture

Cultural knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next. Often, it is done through things like songs, music, stories, etc. Stories might be the ones that are utilised the most. Music is certainly present in almost every aspect of aboriginal culture. It includes instruments like didgeridoo as well as some traditional songs. There is also no shortage of modern bands and singers of Indigenous background who offer people an ideal opportunity to soak themselves in understanding more about music.

3. There are more than 100 Indigenous Languages

Indigenous people used to speak around 250 languages during the 18th century in Australia. Nowadays, 145 of them are still in use. It is worth noting that there is no clear evidence of the accurate figures. Out of the 145, anywhere between 20-40 languages are spoken every day. You might be aware that there are numerous different tribes, and every one of them has a distinctive language, which is not shocking considering that Australia is a large country.

4. Responsibility to Care for the Land

Aboriginal people are big believers in caring for the land and consider it their spiritual responsibility. They believe that they are not separate from the landscape but a part of it. Aboriginal individuals have such beliefs due to the stories passed on by the older generations, highlighting the importance of caring for the land. So, they respect nature. If you want to celebrate aboriginal culture and heritage, attend the best cultural festival in NSW.

Wrapping Up

Knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is definitely important for people in Australia. Kids growing up should be aware of who the First Nations people are, and there is no better way to ensure that than by familiarising yourself with the facts mentioned in this article.

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