About The Festival


Guringai Festival also known as the Gai-mariagal Festival is a yearly event hosted to increase awareness regarding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing in northern region of Sydney, NSW. Founded in the year 2001, the festival is the brainchild of Susan Moylan-Coombs a local resident of Northern Sydney. Since, the event is celebrated every year and generally commences on Sorry Day which is 26th May, a day before the National Reconciliation Week. It is an almost two month long festival that ends on the last day of NAIDOC Week which is usually in the second week of July. During this time, 11councils and several community plus reconciliation groups partake in the festival.

Why Is the Festival Important?

In Sydney, NSW Many the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations host and take part in events like Aboriginal Cultural Showcase, Boomerang Festival, Gai-mariagal Festival and many others. These events like the Guringai Festival are really important inspiring, elaborating and collaborating change.

Meet Our Team

Jonathan Van
Head of Events

Jon has over 15 years of experience of hosting major events like the Guringai Festival. He is the one who creates the plans and supervises every aspect of the festival.

Jack Hems
Director – Administration

Jack has 10 years of experience and he has held the position of director with our company for nearly 3 years now.

Susanne Wilkins
Human Resource

Susanne is among the most polite and easy to connect with people in our team. He is responsible all team meetings and interactions.

Franklin Gwen

Franklin has been with us for 5 years now and he started as a trainee. Today, we takes care of all the necessary administrative work.

What Happens During The Festival?

Upholding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture, heritage and traditions is important. Plus, it is crucial to raise awareness regarding the various native communities that need support. Therefore, during Guringai Festival, individuals, groups and organisations host performances, workshops, exhibitions showcasing native art, films and talks or discussions and much more. Whether you want to conduct an event or be part of one, you can get the required approval.

Everything that happens during the festival is for acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, the people living in these areas now and the elders of the past and present. Anyone can attend the festival and mostly families, researchers, students, local community members and others visit.

What people have to say?

I have been attending the Guringai Festival for three consecutiveyears now! I was first introduced to it by a dear friend of mine who belongs to a native Australian family. She showed the various activities that happen at the festival and I was intrigued from the first time! Now I attend the events every year because they are fun, educational and excellent for bonding with people from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island clans.

Kathy Jules


North Sydney

My family and I have participated in the Guringai Festival for over ten years. It is a part of our family tradition to show the crafts and food we prepare every year. The festival has helped our family educate people about the Aboriginal culture and encourage them to understand what we do and why we do it. The festival is an important part of our lives and we are glad that every year so many people from native cultures partake in it!



North Sydney

How To Volunteer?

Want to be a part of the Guringai Festival? You can conduct workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and several other activities for the raising awareness and be an advocate for growth and development for the indigenous people.

However, during the festival there is always requirement of people for administrative purposes as well. Thus, if you feel the need to volunteer for helping out the people who are hosting activities, you can register and sign up. To know more, please get in touch with us now!