Aboriginal Heritage and Culture is associated with the awareness and lore, traditions and people, things and regions that are precious, meaningful and related to the identity of First Nation communities and the country.

The culture and heritage are significant pillars of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities because they make the people who they are. These two aspects are what shape their identity and for most it is the live spirituality fundamental. The culture and heritage is also crucial for the preservation of history and teaching future generations.

Since tens of thousands of years the indigenous people have survived and maintained authenticity, culture and heritage are very important to them. they ensure the new generations are taught the traditions and practices

The Guringai Festivals and other like are excellent mediums for generating awareness, raising voices of the native Australians and teach other people about the ways of the First Nation people.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage is extremely vital and it is a significant part of the Australian heritage. Native Australians have always been important because they have occupied the lands of the continent as far back as 60,000 years. Therefore, the historical importance of and the present significance of indigenous cultures and heritage cannot be denied or disregarded. It is necessary for making and maintaining unceasing connection with the people and the country.

Places Of Cultural Importance

There are many areas and places that are of great meaning and importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These places are

  • Where Dreaming stories depict the laws of the land and depict the ways people should behave.
  • Native Australians associate with their spirituality
  • Where other communities and cultures come in contact with First Nation people
  • Important for more contemporary uses.

Many of these places are recognized as Indigenous heritage sites and the Australian government does its best to protect them and uphold laws designed to preserve the lands where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reside and relate to. The laws by the government to protect the culture and heritage of the native Australians are mentioned below.

  • The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
  • the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984
  • The Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986.

Indigenous Cultural Festivals In Sydney

In addition to the Guringai Festival there are many other events conducted in Sydney that highlight and celebrate the culture and heritage of the Native Australians. Here is a list of other festivals that happen all year round.

  • Aboriginal Cultural Showcase
  • Boomerang Festival
  • Corroboree Sydney
  • Dance Rites
  • Gai-mariagal Festival
  • Homeground
  • Indigenous Market Day
  • Munga Bareena Ngan-Girra Festival
  • Red Ochre Music Festival
  • Saltwater Freshwater Festival
  • Two Fires
  • Yaamma Festival
  • Yabun Festival
  • Yellamundie National First Peoples Playwriting Festival

Northern Sydney’s Occupants Of The Land

Before the Europeans arrived at Northern regions of Sydney, NSW, the various aboriginal clans lived there for thousands of years. Here are some things everyone should know about the occupants of the land in Northern Sydney. Have a look

  • The people of the different clans mainly resides by the foreshores of the harbour
  • For nutrition the people fished in the water bodies and hunted in hinterlands. They also grew and harvested the food from the bushes around the foreshores.
  • The natives living in these regions generally didn’t travel much because the resources were abundant and the trade established with other tribal communities was strong.
  • Most native Australian clans developed extensive rituals, languages, customs, laws, connections and spirituality during the times they were not working for survivals. Usually, when you move throughout the country as per the seasons, it requires only 4-5 hours of work a day for survival and living a comfortable life.

If you are interested in knowing more about the diverse cultures and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, then connect with us and do consider attending the events hosted during the eight week long Guringai Festival.