Another popular form of event that you can see at the Guringai Festival is story Time activities. During these events indigenous people raise awareness about their culture, heritage and traditions via storytelling and singing songs or rhymes. Whether you are a student, working professional, artist, or anyone else, the story Time events are educational for everyone. You can attend them alone or with family members and friends.

Many people who visit these events leave with better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are also excellent for generating compassion in people who don’t belong to the First Nation culture. These events are popular among adults but they are especially enjoyed by children. So, if as a parent you want your kid to learn more about indigenous people then do visit story time events.

Films have always been impactful mediums for generating awareness among masses. Therefore, during the festival, you can see many filmmakers and students screen their films and documentaries. These take you on special journeys around the indigenous regions. These films also share information related to the cultures, ideas, reconciliation plans, new possibilities and more. You can book tickets for screenings a day or two in advance and attend them alone or with near and dear ones.

Art has always been a major part of the culture, heritage and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Sydney, NSW. Therefore, it is not surprising that during the Guringai Festival there are many art exhibitions. If you are an artist or someone who likes art, you can attend multiple exhibitions of art work by emerging and established contemporary indigenous artists. The pieces showcased are dreamtime stories and other things related to the First Nation people.

If you are someone who likes to make things, then attending the various craft workshops during the festival can make you feel happy. You can learn weaving, jewellery making, thread work, basket making, knitting and various other skills from experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been doing these activities for years.

Are you up for a challenge or competition for fun? Then you can participate in them while the Guringai Festival goes on. You can accept reading challenges where you need to read books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors. You can find the suggestions for reading titles online and also share your ready progress or reviews with others.

If you want to take part in competitions, then you can check the art and craft competitions hosted by various organisations that work for First Nation people. For these competitions, you can draw, paint, make, take photographs or create any other type of artwork or craft pieces. Usually, the entries for the competitions are shared online.

Note: Make sure to read the rules and guidelines before you enter any competition or decide to be a part of a challenge.

Where Are These Events Held?

Over the years, there are several locations across Sydney, NSW where the Guringai Festivals’ events have happened. Some of these regions include Willoughby, Lane Cove, Mosman, Hunters Hill, Manly, North Sydney etc.

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